As I type this I realise there is a lot of belated postings going on.

I was going to do another meme for day 7 but realised it is new years eve, so instead will do a short list on what I have done this last year.

The Big One- Moved to Melbourne.  Started a new job and new life in February.  I won’t lie it wasn’t easy not having friends and family around but it is slowly getting better.
Made new friends at work and through twitter meetups 🙂

Twitter has saved me from feeling too destitute this year.  Even though I have only met a few of you in real life the insight you have given me into your lives make you in my mind, friends and has made me feel part of a community which has helped ALOT.  so Thankyou all.

Me at Machu Picchu (all rights reserved)Went to Peru.
Got Altitude sickness and spent an hour watching soccer (it was world cup time) whilst in the hyperbaric chamber.
Couldn’t go on for rest of trip but got to spend time at home, even if I couldn’t move from the vertigo.  All in all a both awesome and terrible experience.

Joined a yarn-a-month club to get Yarn delivered to my door each month.  I love getting parcels.

Wrote a conference abstract with Naomi on a whim and it got accepted. Have written paper, now have to do the presentation.

Started officially tweeting at work.  (@LTULibrary)

Knitting got sidetracked by stuffed toys.  They were going to go to charity but got taken by sister for all her friends kids xmas presents (who all loved them- phew)

Thanks to Zaana refound my love of knowledge management.

Had parents with me for 2 weeks in my one bedroom apartment and didn’t go crazy.

Realised my grandparents are getting old (both nan and gramps in hospital at the same time for different falls in march, nan fell again xmas eve- has had hip replacement, replaced.) and all the time I have with them is extra precious as they won’t be around much longer.

Co-ordinated an Australian twitter library secret santa- 30 people from all over the country.  It was also the incentive to finally start this blog.

All in all an eventful year.  It had it’s ups and downs but I am still here still happy and still gainfully employed so I must have done something right.

Bring on 2011.