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Today’s belated post is about my New Years Resolutions for my hobbies which mainly is Yarn.

My main crafty pastime is knitting, but I also have done cross stitch since I was little and dabble in sewing.

Angry Birds Iphone Cozy © katejf

So, for my hobby resolutions:

1.  Knit from the stash, try not to buy any more yarn till have knit equivalent.  Buy NO sock yarn.

2.  Finish the Farmer’s Market Cardigan in time for winter.

3.  Knit 1 more jumper/cardigan

4.  Knit Anna’s blanket.

5.  Knit at least 4 pairs of socks.

6.  Knit hats and fingerless mitts for friends.

7.  Actually give some softies to charity, rather than my sister.

8.  Actually finish one of the 3 cross stitch patterns I have started.

–I think that’s enough.