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Well it is right at the end, and I am finally getting the word belated out of my headings.  Ok, so not entirely (Day 10 to come) but I really wanted to be able to have a post without that word attached to it.

Today is the 1st day back at work for the year.  And for the 1st time in 3 years, I am not starting a new job, or about to finish one.  It is a huge relief to still be at La Trobe University, as I am loving my work- even if my motivation does dip below zero at times.

So in accordance with the new year, here are my Professional and Work Related New Years Resolutions.

1. Blog: About interesting work related topics, not just what I did and read and knit (though there will be some of that)

2. Tweet more meaningfully: Interact with more thoughtful discussions rather than just conversations (though I do love that aspect of twitter)

3. Stop Procrastinating: There are some tasks at work that I find too hard to start or am unsure of where to start so have put them off.  That is now getting noticed so must rectify that.

4. Write more, read more academic material:  I need to improve my academic writing skills, they seriously suck compared to how I used to be able to write when I was studying full-time.

5. Start something new at work.

6. Join Alia’s PD.  I should have done this last year when doing all the reading for the conference paper I was writing but forgot.

7. Don’t take things personally.  If an idea is not followed up it’s not because people don’t like you or the idea, there are just other matters that are more pressing.

That’s all I can think of right now, but will add more as I think of it.