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Well today is the final day of the #blog12daysxmas project.  I haven’t been a very consistent blogger as lack of internet connection threw me off balance, and then catching up was, well let me say  not easy.

On Day 11 I wrote about my Professional Goals, on Day 10 (which I posted after Day 11) my Crafting Goals so today I will write about my Personal Goals for 2011.

In no particular order:

1. Lose weight.  At the moment I am 73 kilos, which is obese by BMI standards as I am 152cm tall.  My goal weight is 50 kilos.  This may take me all year, which is fine.  BUT I have a competition going with mum that whoever loses the least amount of weight between now and easter pays the other one $1000.  Yep that is ALOT of money- so I need to kickstart this NOW.  My goal is to be at 60 by easter.   Thx to twitter peeps for helping me start this goal and please keep me on track.

2.  Take better care of myself: Pamper myself, get my eyelashes tinted regulary, have a massage every few months, that sort of thing.

3.  Save: Every Sunday evening I will empty my coins into a piggy bank and see how much I can save over the year.  I will then buy myself something nice with it.

4.  Don’t stress about things you have no control over:  It won’t change the outcome so stop stressing about it.

5. Make friends: This is actually very difficult for me.  I have no problems meeting people but turning meetings and aquaintences into friends is not something that comes easily to me.  But as this is year 2 in Melbourne I should try.

6.  Wake up earlier and enjoy it.

7. Do a wine tasting course: I like wine, alot so would like to know more about it.

Will add more when the mood strikes.

eta: I started this last night on the 12th day of xmas but got sidetracked by the last season of The Tudors so am posting today.