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The first book in the murder of the month (Tara Moss recommends) was by Agatha Christie.  A long time favourite author, I hadn’t read this one in a very long time.

It was nice to revisit the cadences of Poirot in written form as I had been getting my Agatha Christie ‘fix’ from the TV series.  David Suchet plays Poirot to perfection.

The beauty of the book is that the ‘little things’ that can’t be translated onto the screen are in their element in the written form.

Poirot roused himself with a slight start.  His eyes twinkled a little as they met the eager ones of M. Bouc.

Without giving the plot away, it is an interesting novel that explores the notion of what justice is, and who is responsible for dispensing it.

For February the book is Sharp Turn by Marianne Delacourt, an Australian author born in Perth.