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Again I wrote this for the internal newsletter but have made a few minor changes.

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Whilst having a holiday in Queensland the other week I spent a day at QUT for the RAILS7 (Research Applications in Information and Library Studies) Symposium.  It was a full day of 18(!!) presentations about what and where people are going in their research.  Most of the presenters were academics working on grant funded projects, but there were also some Phd projects and a smattering of practitioner researched papers.

It was an interesting symposium (even if every second word did end in –ology), but was not what I was expecting.  I was expecting more practitioner based research to be presented, but the majority of the papers were theoretical.  With my head hurting from processing so much information,  I came to the realisation that it may be a little while longer before I head back into academia, and whilst I like writing and research, I prefer the more practitioner focused research which can deliver hard results to workplaces and their clients.

Out of the 18 papers on the day there were a few that stood out to me. These included fantastic papers by #PLN tweeps Lyndelle Gunton and Naomi Doessel

The two papers that won the ‘papers of the day’ were:

Transferable information management skills through the use of simulations to enhance real-life applications in hospitals by Huan Vo-Tran & Sue Reynolds from RMIT University.

This was a very well presented paper on an amazing project which saw Information Systems students and Information Management students from both Melbourne and Vietnam team up and work in providing programs to a hospital in DaNang, Vietnam.  What was interesting was (not only the project itself) but the skills transfer between the students from the two disciplines.

Engaging with clients and personalising services at UTS Library: measuring the value for libraries and their clients by Belinda Tiffen & Ashley England from University of Technology Sydney

Another fabulous prezi presentation from UTS with the talk looking at using an informal tone in social media to engage their clients and the difference between being in the space and being engaged with the space.  One of the highlights for me as it was very practitioner based. The Prezi is available from: http://prezi.com/euxr2zg2cqwe/engaging-with-clients/

To see more on what was presented and to look at selected presentations and recordings from the day have a look at:  http://www.scitech.qut.edu.au/industry-community/events/conferences/rails/

Many thanks to Kate Davis and the rest of the organising committee for a fantastic, informative day.  I walked away having had a great networking and learning day in a fantastic environment.