Day 2 at knit camp started with a trip into Daylesford to go to the Makers Market and the Lark sale. I acquired a few more skeins of yarn and some very nice earrings.

While waiting for lunch we had the (delayed) portuguese knitting demonstration. This is where the yarn is held round the back of the neck to control the tension, and the yarn is picked around the left needle. It is a technique more suited to pearling rather than knitting, and when two colours are being used, the strands are just held around the neck in each direction.



After lunch we had a very informative talk about all the different ways and types of colour knitting, complete with a show-n-tell of each example. It was an amazing demonstration of what can be produced by some coloured string and sticks.


Tonight is the great stash swap and trivia evening- so who knows what I will come home with.