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The Seven Things Meme………. as started by Fiona

Seven Things that Scare Me

  1. Sharks
  2. Letting down my family
  3. Not getting better (sorry am not going to explain this)
  4. Being alone (note: this is not living alone)
  5. Getting run over
  6. Cockroaches
  7. Not getting to say goodbye to my grandparents (hopefully this will not happen for a long time)
Seven Things I Like
  1. Skeeta
  2. My Family and Friends
  3. Reading
  4. Knitting
  5. Cooking Dinner Parties
  6. Yarn
  7. Relaxing
Seven Random Things About Me
  1. I was born 3 months premature
  2. I was the under-15 school squash champion
  3. I played the trumpet in the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra for 2 years
  4. I have lived in Japan
  5. I don’t remember learning to ski (I was too young); I do remember seeing my sister get blown back up the mountain by the wind.
  6. I studied a semester at the London College of Fashion, in the heart of Oxford Street.
  7. I studied the recorder to 7th Grade AMEB level
Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die
  1. Go to Antarctica
  2. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
  3. Get an MBA at Stanford
  4. Work for the UN
  5. Have children (2)
  6. Buy my friend a big mac at Red Square (I lost a bet)
  7. Work from Layfayette at Rotto.
Seven Things I Can Do Well
  1. Knit
  2. Talk
  3. Research
  4. Cook
  5. Shop
  6. Procrastinate
  7. Nothing (I can do nothing really well)
Seven Things I Can’t Do But Wish I Could
  1. Speak another language
  2. Sing (I am ok but not good)
  3. Be tall
  4. Knit a jumper without a pattern
  5. Fly a plane
  6. Stop buying yarn (I have given up on ever not having a stash)
  7. See my friend in the USA next year for the 10th Anniversary of our friendship.
Seven Phrases I Am Known To Use
  1. Awesome
  2. Divine
  3. ummmm
  4. What the…
  5. AAArrgh (when my knitting goes astray)
  6. Do you know anyone who would like or would you like …. (when the finished knitted product does not fit / suit etc)
  7. I have to tweet that