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Next Tuesday I am teaching a class of postgraduate (Phd) students on how using mobile technology (read IPad and IPhone) can help them with their research.
The class is entitled Mobile Technologies: Research on the move.

I have taken copious amounts of notes from the brilliant Apps4Academics by MIT but feel that it may be a bit overwhelming for them. Alot of the students I will be teaching came to my Free Online Tools class a few weeks ago, and we had a look at the tools on the internet. However, it is a little hard to demonstrate in a seminar room to people who may not have the IPad or IPhone with them.
I also only have an hour. I am also teaching to the other campuses via video-conference.

So here is where I need some help: What apps do I focus on- given I have to screenshot them and do a traditional powerpoint lecture? The productivity apps? or the ones that enable them to search say EBSCO or Science Direct? Our Catalogue? or Summon Interface?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

BTW: If anyone is wondering what tools I talked about the other week, I gave them this handout and picked out some to concentrate on (It was a 2 hour class). Please use / destroy / suggest others if you wish. Would love to add more / refine it for next semester.