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I regularly read over 350 blogs (and feel like I should be following more).  Some post daily, others more sporadically.   They fall into 4 general catagories- cooking, library, knitting (and design) and technology blogs.

The key to all keeping this under control is by using a blog reader, so then I don’t have to keep going back and checking them one by one.

Since moving over to Google Reader in 2009 i have often (over 1300 times) favourited posts to go back to and read again at another time.  Of course this never happens and so today I went through all the saved ones from 2009 and un-starred those that had past its use-by date (mainly technology posts).

For (mainly my benefit) and your amusement, here are a few of those posts in 2009 that I still found interesting today. Interestingly I could see how my use of the reader has changed over time.  It started out in 2009 being all about libraries and technology, and then in January 2010 I imported my knitting blogs in from Bloglines, and then finally adding into it food and design blogs in late 2010.

From 2009

Library Posts

Technology Posts

To Be Continued…