I am not well.  The on and off again sore throat has returned with a vengeance, making it hurt to swallow and drink water, let alone talk.  Which is not good considering I need to consult with a phd student, supervise a work experience student and do desk shifts tomorrow (i.e. a lot of talking).

So instead of anything witty, fun, insightful or library related, I give you what I am knitting now- and what I need to start knitting quickly to send to the UK for a new addition to a friend’s family.


I am knitting the Farmers Market Cardigan from the Fall 2009 Interweave knits.  I have done the main back and fronts, now have to do the sleeves, pockets, cable braid around the edging and sew it all together.  It’s a long term project.


What I need to start knitting: 

Two-Tone Baby Socks by Debbie Bliss.  These are going to fly out to the UK when I start and finish them.


Also on the project queue- the Burberry inspired cowl neck scarf knit-a-long with Tony and a jumper called owls.