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This week I have been off work sick as I am unable to speak.  Well I can speak, but after a few words my throat says no more please and goes back into pain mode.

Therefore the last few days I have been silent.  I contemplated going into work, but between talking on desk shifts, talking at meetings, talking to co-workers, talking to phd students, talking to work experience students and talking to academics I realised that, wow I really do a lot of talking in my job, and that if I wanted my throat to heal I needed to be in an environment where it could heal- quietly.  So no work.

One of the possible diagnoses my doctor gave me was that it was because I have been talking to much.  When asked if I did a lot of talking at work, it struck me just how much we, as front-line librarians do talk.  We talk to students, to staff, to each other; in classes, on the phone, in one-to-one consultations, in meetings, in the hallway- the list goes on…

My doctor then asked if I shushed patrons like she used to see at her library- I was delighted to inform her that we don’t do that (much) anymore and that I have been shushed by the patrons more often than I have shushed them.

I’m hoping the extended weekend will mean my throat is ok to talk again next week, I have to talk to a phd student, a staff member, a colleague and a doctor all on Monday.

So how much do you talk in your job?