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Today has been an interesting, intense, weird etc… day.

It has been a day of ups, and a day of downs.

A Summary:

↓  Thought I had lost iPod

↑  Bought Camera Connector for iPad

↓  Got negative feedback from a talk I did

↓  Killed Diet

↑  New Shoes Arrived

↓  USB camera connector doesn’t work with ‘normal’ USBs (wanted it to move documents onto the iPad, not just photos) (Dropbox- I know)

↑  Bought some earrings online

↑  Joined Google Plus

↓  Joined Google Plus (procrastination plus it should be called)

↑  Bought Friends Present

↓  Wrote iPod off as lost

↑  Found iPod (yay)

↑  Yarn and Pattern Arrived

↑  Finished #blogjune

↓  Only did 2 posts a little late

↓  Wished I had been able to blog about library ‘stuff’ but was often so tired at the end of the day that it got very hard to blog at all, let alone something that required thought and insight.

↑  Tomorrow is Friday

↑  Got asked to do a reading at my oldest friends wedding in November.