Someone has been working

Someone has been working- cc Randi Hausken 2008

All around Australia, blogs like mine have been getting the cobwebs dusted off them, password recovery managers have been working overtime and old posts checked for long forgotten drafts that can be bought into the light of day.

This month from a range of bloggers, you will read about cats, dogs, knitting, crochet, memes, films, books, see hundreds of photos and occasionally read some really interesting articles about libraries, librarians and information in general (although probably not on THIS blog).

To follow all the posts, tweets, and other happenings just follow the hashtag #blogjune on twitter. If you wish to join in just send me a tweet (@katejf) and let me know. We will accept signups until 5pm EST 3rd of June – and then I shall post the OPML file of all contributing blogs up on this page. The OPML file can be imported in to your RSS reader or you can browse the netvibes page (which will be made public.

So come and join me and other librarians all around Australia dusting off the cobwebs and enjoy the next month.

Link of the Day
Late Edit: This year I will be including a link of the day, taken from my starred items for the past 24 hours on my RSS reader. It may or may not (the later more likely) be library related.

Todays link is from Lifehacker and is How to Bake Bread Fast In a Slow Cooker.

As a first day bonus here is a link that is actually slightly ‘work’ related: Taming the Technolust: 10 Steps for Planning in a 2.0 World by Michael Stephens. Enjoy!