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As this post will especially show I love reading blogs.  However, I have one big annoyance when reading them via a 3rd party reader.  It is the summary post.  The one that only puts in the first paragraph of the post in the reader.  Sure you will get more blog stats by doing this, but you will also turn off another group of readers, who, like me prefer to read their blogs offline.  I have yet to find a 3rd party application that displays the whole post when the ‘read more’ link appears.  This has caused me to stop reading some blogs, or even just skimming the headlines as I am unable to click-through to the main post as I am not connected.

The short point of this long story is that when you look at your blog through a reader, think would you click through? What if you were offline reading your blog?

As with yesterday’s post, if you know of any other blogs I should be following, please let me know.

arne jacobsen, aarhus town hall 1937-1942 cc Seier+Seier 2008

These are the blogs I follow which I catagorise as Design Blogs.

Line up cc Jean Piere Candelier 2008

And now for one of the largest categories in my reader: Food Blogs.
Going through these blogs was a great way to clean out my reader, as many blogs have not updated since the beginning of the year.


Links of the Day
Both links today come from Gizmodo, Enjoy! When Johann Sebastian Bach Goes Open-Source He Goes All The Way and A Musical Thank You To The Racists, Misogynists And Scumbags Of The Internet.