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Knitting Together cc Kristina Alexanderson 2011

I realised when I went to write this post that I follow 185 knitting blogs. I am sure at least 70% of these are out of date as most of them were imported from my old Bloglines reader. (Flicking through it looks like quite a few haven’t posted since 2007!) Instead here are a few of the ones that I regularly put ‘stars’ on their posts, or go straight to Ravelry and add the pattern to my favourites or to my knitting queue.

EDIT: Just went through the list and culled it to 82 blogs.  This means that over 100 were out of date! Oops, must check those links more often.

Knitting and Craft Blogs

As most 80% of my blogs are probably out of date, please let me know what knitting, or craft blogs you follow, or should be following.

Link of the Day
Today’s links are from Gizmodo: I Want All These Cool 8-Bit Cross-StitchesWhy Do Some Programming Languages Live And Others Die? and Information Tyrannosaur: 5 Ways to Start Leading Right Now.