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The other day from this post I got a comment from Laurah who is in her final semester at CSU.  She wrote:

Wow! It looks like you follow a lot of quality blogs. I’m still new to the library and blog world, I was wondering if you have any tips on firstly finding quality blogs and secondly managing all the blogs and keeping up with their resources?

When I read that question my mind just went blank.  Mainly because at the moment it has on average one working brain cell per hour, but also because I have never really thought about how I have gathered all this information.  It sort of just happened.

I am going to ping this post to Kathryn and Con at Fortnight Question to answer as well as I think it would be a good question for them.

Here are my tips for finding resources.

1) Follow your lecturer’s blogs, and those who they recommend.

2) Follow the blogs written by the people who post on Libraries Interact (as well as them).

3) Follow #blogjune.  This is where most of us who are a bit slack in blogging get our mojo back and go for it for a month.  There is an opml file here that you can import directly into google reader or you can  look at the individual blogs and see which ones you like on netvibes.com\katejf.

4) Get involved in twitter.  #blogjune is based on twitter.

5) Find a person on twitter you admire, see who they follow and follow them.

Here are my tips for managing resources. (There are only two three)

1). Star items in twitter (also called Favourite This, thanks Hannah) and your reader that you wish to look into further and read later, or use as a reminder tool.

2) ACTUALLY READ THEM.  (I tend to forget this step).  Use offline reading apps on your ipad or iphone to read them during breaks, transit or even on weekends.

3) If you find something interesting- share it, via your blog, via twitter.  Both these environments are two-way streets and the more you contribute to a discussion (even if it is about shoes, nail art or library matters) the more you will get out of it.

— My one brain cell is dead: If anyone would like to jump in and add more in either finding or managing resources please do so in the comments.

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