Nothing is Nothing cc Darwin Bell 2006

This is not a figuratively entitled post.  It is literal.  Today I honestly did nothing.  Oh sure, I went to a Pilates class, but beside that my entire afternoon was spent asleep, thus equaling nothing.  I put it down to my body, mind and spirit needing to heal: and sleep is a way that the body provides access to the process. (This statement being based on no scientific evidence, or research at all).

Even my normally full of posts google reader had nothing that caught my interest today, or maybe it was just my mood.  But a last minute browse caught quite a few interesting links (Phew).


Links of the Day
Today’s links of the day are from Mashable:Is Social Media Destroying Real-World Relationships? [INFOGRAPHIC], From Boing Boing: Supreme Librarians in Metaspace: the comic, From Tech Crunch: Carat: The Brilliant App That Increases Your Battery Life By Showing What Other Apps To Kill (NTS: Must download this).