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ocean colour scene #3 cc Ian, 2005

We all read thousand of tweets every day, even every hour.   Many of them we skim read, many we look at the pictures attached and some we even push the favourite star button to read later, or remember a word, link or even just a name.

But do you go back to those favourites and actually look at them again, or like me do they languish in the same fashion as ‘starred’ Google reader articles, to be combed through 2 years later as part of a #blogjune post!

Managing those favourites is another matter all together, they are not searchable and if looking for an old one heaps of scrolling is needed. I recently came across an old 2010 Chronicle of Higher Education article that recommended setting up an RSS Feed, or Delicious type account of your favourites, but for me that would just mean starring interesting articles a second time and still not reading them in a timely fashion.

So I did the librarian layman thing again and went to Google.  I have not found many that would help me personally manage my favourites but here are some good links that provide different services to manage different aspects of twitter.

  1. 10 Twitter Tools Used by Social Media Experts
  2. Five Apps to Help You Manage Twitter
  3. Faveous– An app that collects your favorites from Twitter, Google Reader Youtube & Facebook “likes on links” in one single place.
  4. How to Manage My Favorites
  5. 20 free, awesome social media monitoring tools – See Number 7 for Twitter
  6. Interesting poster of the twitterverse and how different apps fit into different areas.  Source.