Knitting Together cc Kalexanderson

Hi everyone, thought I would see when you all wanted to start the My First Sock Knit Along.

I have heaps and heaps of sock yarn, so if you would like to join in but have no sock yarn, I will be posting a picture of yarn that you can use.  I don’t want any money for the yarn – am just sharing the enjoyment of encouraging new knitters.

You will need to buy your own needles however.
I use double pointed needles, but if you have knitted a sleeve of a jumper before (or circular knitting as we call it) you may wish to use the method you used to do that.  The other methods are 2 circulars, or the magic loop method.

You will need 2.5mm needles or 2.75mm needles depending on the yarn.  If you are not sure I can let you know.

I am getting excited about introducing sock knitting to all of you so if you would like to join in the fun please let me know either here or on twitter.  Please note I can only send yarn to Australia and NZ.

Let’s get ready to knit!