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Happy Birthday by Christophe Verdier on Flickr via CC license.

Happy Birthday by Christophe Verdier on Flickr via CC license.

In an effort to get this blog off it’s behind and back running regularly, I have joined the tumbler-hosted, twitter-led 52 Blogs where each week you can blog about anything or a specific topic. Even though it is week 2, here is my first post. Cake.

Ahh cake, where do I begin. It has been a staple of my, and I will guess- everyone’s childhood- from the days where you spent months deciding which birthday cake you wanted mum to bake you (from the infamous Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book)- to the elegant and often decadent dessert cakes of adulthood.

I have a few cakes in my cooking repertoire that make a frequent appearance on my gifting and eating list. They are all quick and easy, have passed the nom nom test, and most have recipes that are at least 30 years old, or have been handed down through my grandmother to my mother, and then me and my sister. Most of these have also graced our childhood cake stalls where we sold them to our neighbours, making a profit, and not realising just how much money mum had spent on the ingredients so we could do this (oh the innocence of childhood).

So without further ado the list. If you are a member of the Aussie librarians’ recipe dropbox group- some of these are listed in there as well.

Nan’s Chocolate Cake– simple, easy, uses cocoa powder with a classic cake base. Never fails and makes awesome cupcakes as well.

Mum’s food processor Lemon Cake– simple, done in a food processor, makes awesome cupcakes, never fails. My only issue- I don’t have a food processor.

Sticky Toffee Pudding– called a pudding, technically a cake served warm with sauce. simple, classic- from an 1982 Vogue Entertaining recipe, decadent, glutenous, sauce is amazing on its own. I have friends who request this every time they come to dinner when it turns even the slightest bit chilly.

My world famous Carrot Cake– ok it was originally Uncle Ed’s but he won’t mind. Simple (can you see a theme developing), classic, no nuts, wholemeal flour, beloved by granddad, often requested, never any leftovers- especially when teamed with Stephanie Alexander’s the Cooks Companion recipe for Cream Cheese Icing (also made in the food processor). Tip: When doing the icing make it the night before as it will harden overnight in the fridge to a better consistency for piling it on and making a nice thick topping.

Cupcakes– little little cakes, so yummy, so (here’s that word again) simple, so more-ish. I have a few recipes I have blogged about before- my Blueberry Cupcakes and Raspberry and White Chocolate ones, but would love to find some more- especially ones that use buttermilk as then I don’t have to cream the butter and sugar etc etc etc. Also savoury cupcakes ie muffins like my Spinach Feta and Sun-dried Tomato ones.

Are there cakes I want to make this year- oh yes. I have heaps on my google reader, in Pinterest and in my online and offline recipe collections to go through- so keep an eye out, an occasion may arise where I get to cook one of them and I *WILL* be blogging it.