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What makes a day special?

Is it a celebration? A birthday? An anniversary of some sort?

Or is it just an ordinary day studded with the little things that you notice when you slow down long enough?

Shroom Burger

The simple deliciousness of a roasted mushroom in 2 pieces of bread

Mini CauliflowersCherries

The size and colour of fruit and vegetables

Tiny Red Grapes

The taste of tiny red grapes as they hit your mouth, each one bursting with sunshine, so sweet they almost taste like blueberries and leave the taste and feel of sugar on your fingers

swaying in the wind

The simpleness of trees swaying in the wind

Mr Lazy

…of laughing at a mug


…of washing hanging on the line


…of watching the neighbours cluck around and say hello

baby socks

…of finishing something that will be treasured

Grape Stalk

…of noticing the beauty in the simple and discarded


…of buying a friend an impulse gift- just because!

Yes, today has been a special day.