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I think I have learning FOMO.  I have signed up for 2 library MOOCs.

A History Lesson

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The first one is the Hyperlinked Library run by Michael Stephens from San José State University.

From the website: “The Hyperlinked Library MOOC will examine various participatory theories of library service, the impact of emerging technologies on libraries, and the growing focus on a creation/curation culture. Students will explore the definition of participatory service, some key trends that impact the Hyperlinked Library model, and examine what the shift means for libraries and information work in today’s digital information age.”

It runs for 12 weeks from September 3 to November 23.

doorways: gateways to (lexical) knowledge

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The second one starts sooner.  It is based on the well-known text, the Atlas of New Librarianship.  I have been meaning to read this for a while, so this MOOC will provide the incentive for me to read this tome.  The course provides a discount on the text, so I have bought the book and now will wait or it to be delivered.

Run by the author of the text, David Lankes from Syracuse University, it runs from July 8 to August 4.