I should probably put something about myself here, but I am not good at talking about myself.  So you will get a few dot points.

-I am Perth born and bred.

-I currently live in Melbourne and work as a Librarian at La Trobe University.

-I am on twitter – alot (@katejf)

-I blog mainly about food and knitting

-Occasionally I will blog about librarianship

-I am single.

-I prefer cooking for a crowd rather than for myself.  Ask me to cook a dinner party for 10 and I will be in heaven, cooking for 1, well it kind of sucks.

-I follow alot of blogs, my choice of blog rss reader is google.

-If I had to choose my own career I would be a yarn shop owner / yarn librarian and / or travel guru.

– My favourite part of myself is my hair and my eyes.

-If you are my friend and would like to write this page for me please do so.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ann Copeland said:

    Hi Kate, I had a coffee with Lisa last night (first time in 5 mths) and it prompted me to look you up and say a very warm hello to you. Sorry for not being in touch sooner but the new job has exhausting, scary and a very STEEP learning curve. I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself and having fun, knitting, tweeting, shopping and of course cooking. Cheers Ann C.

  2. Hello:) Nice to meet you fellow blogger:) Wish I could knit?! Maybe you can give me some pointers;)

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