Back from the (Virtual) Graveyard

Zagreb Cemetery by A Taste of Travel

Zagreb Cemetery (posted with permission)


Just last week I was talking to a work colleague at lunch how I was going to retire this blog to the virtual graveyard as I hadn’t posted at all since last year’s secret santa announcement.

And then #blogjune comes around and somehow I am back.

I was convinced by a few twitter friends (you know who you are) to give this another go and see what happens, so I will.  I will write, not every day but more than I have (which is not hard to beat).

I still think this may be the last gasp for this blog, but I am considering changing it’s format.  Echoing what @snailx said in his post yesterday, my work commitments and general immersion in the profession make me less likely comment on what is happening as I am too busy (and too tired at the end of the day to think, let alone write).

I am tossing up changing to a tumbler blog, so I can still write when the muse occasionally hits, but also post little bits and pieces as necessary…

Stay tuned.



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