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Ahhh, #Blogjune, a yearly event when blogs like this, all over the library-sphere get dusted off from disuse for a month of frenzied activity before sinking slowly back into the dark again….

This year, 66 of us will try to hold the readers interest for 30 days.  Some will succeed, others will give it their best shot.

This year I will not even try to bore you with ramblings and writings.  I have 2 4000-word assignments still hanging over my head which I need to stop procrastinating on and just write, and it has been a difficult May, so instead I am just going to post each day a few links of interest- ones that have struck my fancy.

I really should move to tumblr, as it is possibly an easier way to do a blog like this, but for now:

One from the Library World (sort of):
11 Totally Free Images From New York City’s Best Museums And Libraries

One from the Business World (sort of):
10 Super Creative Types of Business Cards

One from the Food World:
Rice Krispie Treat Watermelon

One from the Craft World:
DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

And as a Bonus:
A very funny YouTube video that was just sent to me: