The 2013 Secret Santa is here.

Uploaded to Flickr by Kevin Dooly, 2008.

Yes it is running a little late this year so registrations will be tight- they will be open as of now till Friday 13th Dec.

There are a few small guideline changes so please re-read the guidelines- and then sign on up!

The GuideLines

1) You must have a twitter account to play- if you are a new library student or have never tried out twitter- this is an ideal opportunity.  Go to twitter.com to sign up.
2) You must live in Australia- sorry timeframe and postage restrictions necessitates this.
3) You must be connected with the Library world in some way- student, practitioner, lecturer, vendor, etc…
4) Gifts are to be of $10 MAXIMUM (no excuses)
5) This does not include postage.
6) Due to Australia Post eating a few packages last year, you are required to either email or DM or Ping me on twitter to let me know you have BOTH sent and received your gifts.  a simple .@katejf gift sent or gift received is enough.

If that all sounds ok then read on for how to sign up.

1) Fill out the following google form.

2) Sign up by 13th DECEMBER
3) I will then email you your giftee’s twitter handle and address over the weekend.
I will be choosing them by literally pulling names out of a hat so I apologise if you get someone you have sent to before, your best friend or your mortal enemy.
(it was getting too hard to tweet them all on the phone so going old school).
4) Shop
5) Please send as early as possible so gifts will be received no later than new year, preferably before xmas.
6) Enjoy.